Meet Red Door Team

John Morrow


John Morrow is a real estate geek. Not that he’s high tech and following the latest and shiniest new trends. John is simply committed to understanding every detail, every angle every nook and cranny of real estate. He was drawn to the business because he enjoys working with and for people, those he has known all his life and those he’s looking forward to knowing as new members of his community. That being said, he understands that if you love people, you are automatically deeply committed to doing the best job for them that you could possibly learn and know how to do. For this reason, he researches all aspects of the market. John was born and raised in Morrisburg. He knows his community and he knows real estate. That, combined with energy, honesty, enthusiasm and a genuine respect for people has formed the foundation of a real estate career that began in 2004 and has been building every day and year since.

John is known in the area for his quick witt and as a force to be reckoned with both on the ice and on the golf course. His generosity has played a significant role in the development of a more diverse community. He is an active member of the CIC, a division of the Morrisburg and District Lions Club, and played a significant role in the development of the children’s Splash Pad and playground area.

Although John was a very successful real estate agent and broker on his own, he is very happy to have partnered with Tracey Veinotte to form the Red Door Team. Joining with others who share his work ethic and values has provided him opportunity not only to expand the scope of his business, but also to enjoy a bit more quality time with his wife, Cindy and their two lovely daughters Marin and Grace.

Tracey Veinotte


Tracey is a "local girl" in the best sense of the word. She knows who's who, what's what, where to find it, how to get there, who to ask, and how to get it done!

She is known for her love of community and her tireless efforts to add her support, enthusiasm and know-how to community-based initiatives.

In 2006, she had a dream that a dog park would be a great local amenity. She gathered a team of like-minded individuals, including her children Cole and Christyn, and through a combination of determination, charm, and endless fundraising, partnered with the municipality to create the beautiful and popular Waterfront Dog Park near the beach in Morrisburg.

Tracey continued to be a force for positive change in the community in 2014, by becoming a co-founder of the very successful fundraising initiative, 100+ Women Who Care about South Dundas, which continues to raise money annually for important local causes.

An extension of Tracey's love of community is her love for her job. Tracey and real estate are a perfect match. There is nothing that motivates her more than anticipating the smiles on the faces of happy buyers and sellers. She prides herself on making the sometimes complex process easy and fun. Although she was very happy being a Realtor on her own, she is delighted to have partnered with John Morrow to form The Red Door Team, because their combined expertise and enthusiasm offers a truly excellent service to their clients.

Christyn Veinotte


Christyn is the newest addition to the Red Door Team, and if her last name didn’t already give it away, she is Tracey’s daughter. Christyn has inherited her mother’s love for community and helping folks and decided after a couple years of watching Tracey in the business, Real Estate was a good fit for her as well. A combination of travelling and post-secondary education through the Univeristy of Ottawa and Universidad d’Alicante in Spain have moulded her into a well-spoken, well-rounded addition to the team.

Christyn is our resident tech guru and, like both Tracey and John, was born and raised in SDG (Morrisburg Proud!). She is very excited to learn the “ins and outs” of the Real Estate business from her teammates, and knows she couldn’t have two better agents to show her the ropes! What she lacks in experience, she makes up for in height.#CloseWithChristyn if you have trouble reaching those pesky top shelf items!